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Canyon Endurace:On - Canyon’s first e-road bike costing £2,799

9 Apr 2020

The German brand has debuted in the e-road bike market with the Endurace:On

The Canyon Endurace:On is the German direct-to-market giant’s first attempt at an outright e-road bike although do not be fooled, from the looks of things, it's a bike that can venture beyond the tarmac.

One of the world’s biggest bike brands, Canyon has not ignored the e-bike market having already released a range of e-mountain bikes, e-hybrids and even the Roadlite:On, a lightweight commuter e-bike. The Canyon Endurace:On e-road bike almost completes the circle by filling the e-road bike void.

It is also based almost entirely on the relaxed-geometry of the existing Canyon Endurace road bike, just with the motorised assistance for when you need it most. However, with a 1x-only spec and wide tyre clearance, this is more than just a comfortable e-road bike, it’s also a bona fide e-gravel bike.


To power the bike, Canyon has opted for the Fazua Evation motor system like a lot of its competitors. A fellow German brand, Fazua has recently updated the system with its ‘Black Pepper Performance Update’ which it claims to have refined the entire torque-based system.

The maximum assistance is still 250w (rocket mode) up to 25kmh but the system now works at a wider range of cadences - from 50-120rpm - while also offering the motor assistance quicker than before.

Alongside the 250w rocket mode will also be an economical ‘breeze’ mode that provides a maximum of 100w of assistance and a middle ground ‘river’ mode that will give out a maximum of 200w.

At 4.6kg all-in, the system does not add too much to overall weight and can even last for up to 90km in ‘breeze’ mode (100w assistance), although Canyon does add the caveat that battery life ‘depends on several factors including the temperature outside, your weight, your cadence, how you use the power modes, how much you are climbing’. It will also take you around three and a half hours to fully charge the battery.

Geometry and weight

The Canyon Endurace:On shares more than just the name of its road bike sibling, it has also borrowed the bike’s geometry.

Using the same Sport Geometry, the bike has extended chainstays to keep you stable while thinner seatstays to soak up road buzz. The front end is also pitched up a bit higher to ease pressure on your back and shoulders.

The only real difference to the frame setup is the introduction of the Fazua battery in the bike’s downtube, the 10mm swelling of the chainstays to 425mm in order to house the rear-wheel drive system and the fact there are no provisions for a front mech.

Canyon has also only used its AL alloy frameset for the new Endurace:On rather than the CL carbon frameset. Sturdier and more robust, it is noticeably heavier and with the addition of the Alex Rims alloy wheelset, the overall weight of the bike comes in at 15.2kg. Respectable but by no means the lightest e-road bike on the market.


On the face of it, the Endurace:On looks like Canyon has just stuck a motor system onto its Endurace road bike. And while on the face of it that does not seem like a bad thing - after all, the Endurance AL is an excellent bike - the componentry choice would suggest this e-road bike has a slightly different clientele.

As previously mentioned, this bike has no provisions for a front derailleur. Matching that relaxed frame geometry, Canyon has specced the Endurace:On with a 1x Shimano GRX gravel groupset that pairs a 48t chainset with a 11-42t cassette, a ratio of gears Canyon claims is all you will need.

The rear derailleur is clutched to prevent chain drop, the disc rotors have been beefed up to 160mm for better stopping power while the robust Alex Rims wheels come with 32mm Schwalbe E-One tyres although there is space for 35mm rubber.

While not advertised as an ‘all-road’ bike, it is quite clear that with the spec Canyon is supplying and with the provisions for those chunky tyres, this is a bike the brand is expecting to venture beyond just tarmac road.

Price, size, colour

There will only be one model of this new e-road bike, the Canyon Endurace:On AL 7.0 and in true Canyon fashion, it will retail for a respectable price: just £2,799. Made even more respectable considering Canyon’s decision to introduce an interest-free payment scheme on its bikes.

Unlike the Endurace:On’s road sibling, there will not be a women’s-specific frame although Canyon argues this has been built unisex and that it provides ‘enough range of fit and adjustability’ to suit all riders, with four sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large - which covers a range of 170-196cm.

With just one spec, there is also only one colourway, too, a simple grey. Understated and simple but not quite the Movistar look we are really enjoying from Canyon at the moment.

The bike is on sale from today and can be bought from Canyon’s site here.


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