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Box Hill closed to cyclists and cars for Easter 'to prevent the spread of coronavirus'

The National Trust has closed Zig Zag Road to all but essential travel, including cyclists

Joe Robinson
9 Apr 2020

Zig Zag Road, the infamous climb to the top of Box Hill, will be closed this Easter Weekend to all but essential traffic. The popular ascent for cyclists south of the river is the usual haunt for many when the weather improves, however, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the National Trust has shut the road 'to prevent the spread of coronavirus'.

'The Zig Zag road at Box Hill will be close to all but essential traffic for the Easter long weekend, to prevent the spread of coronavirus,' National Trust wrote in a statement.

'All our car parks remain closed, please do not drive or cycle to Box Hill for your daily exercise.'

On a standard weekend day, thousands of cyclists can climb Box Hill's Zig Zag Road making it one the most popular segments on training app Strava.

Last weekend, The Times published a photo of multiple cyclists ascending Box Hill in what looked to be a large group, breaking government recommendations on social distancing.

However, the photo was taken with a telephoto lens that gave the illusion of cyclists riding alongside one another when in fact they were distanced.

Despite this, the National Trust has taken the decision to shut the road in order to prevent any possible breaking of guidelines.

Currently, the Government permits one daily form of exercise to be taken alone or with someone in your household. While there are no specific rules around time or distance, recommendations have suggested exercise be kept to an hour and close to home.

Photograph taken during our pre-lockdown ride in the Surrey Hills

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