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Watch: Got a garden? Got a bike? Time to try Garden Cyclocross

Jack Elton-Walters
17 Apr 2020

One rider under lockdown in France makes the most of the privilege of having a garden by turning it into a cyclocross course

Jamie Wilkins, a British rider who lives in France running Escape to the Pyrenees, has tried to stay on top of his training by creating a cyclocross course in his back garden. Acknowledging the privilege of having a garden when many others in lockdown across the world don't have the same luxury, he amusingly shows us his new sport of 'Garden Cyclocross'.

Watch until the later stages of the video where he analyses the need for the bike industry to start producing specific bikes for this new discipline.

For those without the luxury of a garden large enough for such an endeavour, turbo training is the most obvious way to keep fit and we've got the workouts to improve your cycling and Spotify playlists to keep boredom at bay.

However, outdoor cycling is still permitted in the UK so make the most of the spring weather with solo rides in the area local to where you live.

Good effort Jamie, let's just hope that solo spectator stayed a good two metres or more away throughout.