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The 2.6 Challenge needs you to help UK charities survive

Joe Robinson
16 Apr 2020

Charities expected to see £4 billion shortfall due to coronavirus pandemic

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, thousands of charity fundraisers from cycle sportives to fun runs have been cancelled. And while on the face of it this may not seem a priority, the devastating financial impact of these cancelled events is being estimated at a £4 billion shortfall for charities across the UK and now sees some incredible causes that help the most vulnerable in society close to collapse.

So to counteract this, the organisers of some of Britain's biggest mass-participation sports event have joined forces to launch the 2.6 Challenge and, hopefully, raise funds to save UK charities in need.

The campaign is pretty simple. All it asks is for you to complete a fundraising effort based around the numbers 2 and 6.

For us cyclists, that could be anything from riding for 26 hours straight on the turbo trainer or getting 26 of your mates to virtually join you for interval sessions or even cross-training with a 2.6km jog.

The campaign will launch on Sunday 26th April - which should have been the date of the 40th London Marathon, one of the biggest charity fundraisers annually.  

Once you complete your activity, you can send people to donate to the Save the Charities fundraiser here.

Ahead of the launch, CEO of Human Race events Nick Rusling called for people of all ages to do their bit in order to help these vital charities survive during this time of crisis.

'The 2.6 Challenge can be anything that works for you,' said Rusling. 'You can run or walk 2.6 miles, 2.6km or for 26 minutes. You could do the same in your home or garden, go up and down the stairs 26 times, juggle for 2.6 minutes, do a 26-minute exercise class or get 26 people on a video call and do a 26-minute workout – anything you like.

'We want people to get active, have fun and raise money to help save the UK’s charities by giving money or raising funds for the charity close to your heart.'

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