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The Cyclist x dhb 100km challenge: The finishers

Cyclist magazine
17 Apr 2020

Congratulations to all those who have completed the Cyclist x dhb 100km challenge so far

The Cyclist x dhb 100km Challenge on Strava ends this Sunday but there is still plenty of time left for you to sign up and tick off those kilometres.

Over 120,000 people worldwide have taken up the challenge of riding 100km over two weeks in as many rides as it takes, both in and outdoors.

Along the way you have also joined us in some incredible events such as when we rode 100km on Zwift with the Canyon-dhb team (our legs have just about recovered!).

Each day, dhb and Cyclist have also been giving away amazing prizes, too, and there are still the last days' worth of prizes up for grabs.

Keeping us going along the way, some of you have been posting photos of your passing the 100km mark and we thought we'd share our favourites.

If you are yet to sign up to the challenge just click the link here, enter and then get riding. Remember, kilometres ticked off indoors also count towards your total.

We also ask for you to reach the 100km mark sensibly in these tough times. If you are riding outside, try to keep it short, sweet and close to home. If you're a few kilometres short of the 100, you can always ride some laps of the garden!

To all those who have already completed the challenge, congratulations and we hope to see you again next time.

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