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Don't miss out: Get free delivery on Cyclist during May

Cyclist magazine
20 May 2020

To help you through lockdown, we’ll pick up the cost of post and packaging

As the Covid-19 lockdown rolls on, we all need a bit of help to get through the days indoors when long bike rides in the countryside are out of the question.

A copy of Cyclist magazine is the perfect tonic. You can daydream about the cycling trips you’ll make when the world is open for business again. Or you can pick out the best kit to blow your money on now that you are saving so much on train fares.

And while a lot of High Street stores are shut, the best place to get your copy of Cyclist is from our online shop, at

To further help out in these tough times, during the month of May we will pick up the cost of postage and packaging for UK customers. That’s £1.50 you won’t have to add to the cover price of the magazine.

Click here to be directed to our online shop, and the discount will be automatically added at the checkout when you buy any copy of Cyclist or Cyclist Off-Road.

Alternatively, go to and use code FR33DLOCKDOWN in the discount box (UK only).

Currently available at the shop are issues 99 and 100 of Cyclist, with issue 101 going on-shelf on Wednesday 20th May. Issues 2 and 3 of Cyclist Off-Road are also available.

Grab a copy of Cyclist issue 100, and you can discover Italy’s best climb that the hordes have yet to find, learn why Team Ineos’s Luke Rowe is happy to be a helper, and get our rundown of the 100 best products in cycling.

It’s the next best thing to riding a bike, so head over to the Cyclist shop now.