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This is the best cycling video on the internet right now

Joe Robinson
1 May 2020

This stop-motion video will make your day, we guarantee it

We all seem to have quite a bit of time on our hands at the moment and many people are trying new things, whether that be baking some banana bread or taking part in a Dario Frigo-themed Zoom quiz.

But Malaysian filmmaker Shio Chuan Quek has taken it to a whole new level with what is potentially the best video on the internet right now.

Quek decided to put his expertise to work to make a one minute long stop-motion video of him riding his top-tier Trek Madone at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

It is nothing short of sensational, not least for the craftsmanship involved with pulling off such a complicated animation but also just the general concept that Quek based his production on.

Having watched it 36 times on repeat, I've realised I have around 134 questions about the video, not least did he just eat the face of Chris Froome to give a video game power-up and what is the relevance of him drinking a glass of orange juice from a champagne glass? 

Either way, it has helped me pass 36 minutes of lockdown with a smile on my face and I hope it will do the same for you.

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