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Women's Tour scrapped for 2020, organiser looks ahead to 2021 race

Joe Robinson
4 May 2020

Organiser Sweetspot decides to cancel race for 2020 and plan ahead for 2021

The Women's Tour has been postponed until 2021 after the race organiser decided to cancel the 2020 events. In mid-March, organiser Sweetspot had already pushed back the week-long women's stage race in response to the coronavirus pandemic but has now confirmed that it will not be rescheduled by the UCI for later in the year.

Hugh Roberts from SweetSpot announced the decision on Monday morning stating the decision to cancel the race in 2020 was due to the current 'unprecedented nature of the current global situation'.

'Following discussions with stakeholders and sponsors, as well as British Cycling and the UCI, we have decided to work towards June 2021 for the next edition of the Women’s Tour, and will not seek to re-arrange the race later in 2020,' said Roberts.

'We recognise the unprecedented nature of the current global situation and the challenges for the UCI calendar and so wanted to take an early decision not to look for an alternative 2020 date.

'With the extra time now available we look forward to making next year’s Women’s Tour even bigger and better than before and a fantastic celebration of cycling and Britain.'

Looking ahead to 2021, Sweetspot has applied to the UCI for the Women's Tour to take place from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th June. Additionally, the race will begin in Bicester, Oxfordshire and finish with its final stage between Haverhill and Felixstowe, as was scheduled for 2020.

While rumours have circulated as to which men's races will be rescheduled, there has been little suggested as to which women's races could take place before the end of the year.

The UCI is set to announce the new racing calendars for both the men's and women's peloton on Tuesday 5th May as well as guidelines around team participation rules, 'rules concerning the number of riders per team at the start of races' and the 'establishment of a steering group with the aim of defining the conduct to be adopted, in particular concerning health, when the season gets underway again'.