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Nike releases first indoor cycling-specific shoes

Joe Robinson
5 May 2020

The new Nike SuperRep shoes come at a boom time for indoor riding

The current global situation has led to a boom in certain industries, not least the indoor cycling market which has alleviated the social lockdown concerns of those trying to remain fit and active.

The influx has been so big that even American sporting giant Nike has got in on the act with a set of cycling shoes designed to be used exclusively indoors.

The new Nike SuperRep is the brand's first-ever indoor cycling shoe model and the first cycling shoes the brand has manufactured itself for over a decade.

Famously, Nike was heavily involved with cycling throughout the 1990s and early 2000s producing kit - in collaboration with Giordana - and shoes for a certain Lance Armstrong.

Yet, when those bridges burned with Armstrong's confessions, Nike withdrew from the cycling scene - until now.

Nike claims the SuperRep has been 'released just in time when indoor workouts are more important than ever' and have been designed 'to address the lateral and out-of-seat movements riders experience during a session'.

To do this, Nike has designed a support arc on the medial inner side of the foot that keeps you secured through the pedal action both in and out of the saddle.

Being an indoor-only product, Nike has also tackled the issue of heat and swear by creating a light, translucid mesh upper coupled with a perforated sock liner and vents for airflow as you ride.

Instead of using a Boa system for closure, Nike has opted for a simple double velcro closure system across the bridge and upper while a loop on the heel allows you to slip the shoes on.

The shoes have been designed to accept three-bolt cleats, too, which means us regular roadies will be able to use them on our Look or Shimano pedals.

The Nike SuperRep Cycle will come in neon orange and pink as a women's exclusive colourway and a black and white option.

Prices are yet to be announced and they will be available to buy from 1st June.

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