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French lawyer moves to save Mavic with ex-pros

Mavic pro team
Joe Robinson
19 May 2020

Didier Poulmaire is after a solution to help save Mavic from receivership

Efforts are already underway to save iconic cycling brand Mavic from its financial issues. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the French brand had been put into receivership by the judicial system with the risk of the wheel manufacturer being put into the control of the creditors.

A Grenoble-based court had granted six months for the judicial redress process, in which Mavic would be put in the control of a receiver and be forced into finding a business plan going forward and potentially a new buyer for the company. 

It is now reported that French lawyer Didier Poulmaire has taken it upon himself to help, working with several ex-professional cyclists to find a 'quick solution' to Mavic's worries and 'finalise a project that participates in saving the genius of the men and women that have made the "yellow blood" of the brand.'

Reported by newspaper L'Equipe, Poulmaire is said to be a fan of the Mavic brand and has previous experience in the selling of sporting entities, notably the last sale of Marseille Football Club.

Poulmaire told L'Equipe that he sees the saving of Mavic as a vital opportunity for France to maintain its historic roots in manufacturing. 

'The economic difficulties encountered by Mavic represent for me an opportunity to mobilise economic actors to participate in "the world after", which we have been talking about so much lately,' Poulmaire said on the potential saving of the brand.

'To succeed in saving "the Mavic soldier" sends a clear signal that France is interested in supporting its industrial tool.'

The iconic French brand was believed to have been sold to US investment firm Regent LP, by primary owners Salomon. However, confusion lingered over the sale and whether the brand was actually owned by Delaware-based business M Sports, which has no 'capital link' to Regent LP.

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