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Strava to award ‘Local Legend’ on segments

Peter Stuart
10 Jun 2020

Strava users who complete the highest number of efforts will be recognised on segment leaderboards

Strava has announced a new ‘Local Legend’ status, signified by a golden laurel wreath, to be awarded to users who complete the most amount of efforts on a segment over a 90-day rolling period.

The golden laurel wreath Local Legend icon will sit on the segment page alongside the KOM, QOM and the top 10 fastest times on the segment, and can be won or lost at any time.

‘This is a new game altogether in relation to segments, which removes this notion of being the fastest over segment and focusses more on grit and determination,’ says Strava UK Lead Simon Klima. ‘It's about the number of efforts, so you become a Local Legend if you have ridden a segment more than anyone else over a 90-day window.’

‘We expect the laurel status to be switched around far more often than the KOM,’ says Klima.

The new feature comes quickly after Strava’s major update to mapping, training and leaderboards which saw Strava’s infamous segment leaderboards become a subscription-only feature.

Latest update

Strava rehauled its subscription model in late May. Where previously, users could opt for Safety, Training and Analysis packages, or all three combined within the Summit subscription for £6.99, there is now only one subscription priced at £4 per month.

The ‘Summit’ brand itself has also disappeared and instead Strava will be a binary choice between subscription and free.

While Local Legend status will be open to all users, comparative tools will be a subscription-only feature.

Subscribers will enjoy comparative metrics that enable users to see a graph that maps out the number of efforts of other riders, and the number of segment efforts needed to take the Local Legend status.

Given the attraction of challenges and distance leaderboards, we can expect the Local Legend laurel icon to become highly sought after amongst users. However, we’d speculate that it may be more celebrated on savage climbs than on local commuter routes.

The Local Legend feature will be live in the UK on 15th July.

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