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New Garmin Edge 130 Plus and 1030 Plus GPS cycling computers launched

16 Jun 2020

New features added to updated Garmin Edge 130 Plus and 1030 Plus GPS computers including ClimbPro and training programmes

Cycling GPS computer giant Garmin has released two new computer units, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus. The two new computers will offer improvements on the existing Edge 130 and Edge 1030 GPS units, introducing new features such as Garmin's 'Climb Pro' elevation mapping, new on-device workouts and extended battery life.

'Big or small, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus cycling computers are full of features for every type of rider – from the entry-level cyclist to the adventurers and competitors,' explained Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

'Boasting a combination of performance, navigation, awareness and connectivity features, these new GPS cycling computers make it easy for all riders to take their adventure to the next level.'

Both new Edge units will be able to sync to Garmin Connect or third-party apps such as TrainerRoad to relay workouts onto the device while also providing in-depth data such as VO2 max as your ride.

Garmin's interesting elevation mapping and pacing tool 'ClimbPro' has been added to both options, a feature that allows you to track remaining ascent and gradient on a climb to help you manage efforts.

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Both will also come with built-in incident detection and LiveTrack to allow loved ones to keep tabs on where you are when out riding, too.

The Edge 130 Plus will retail at a mid-level price point of £169.99 with a compact 1.8in screen and side buttons for control. Battery life is claimed to be a competitive 12 hours or 10 hours when paired to two sensors.

As well as the aforementioned features, mountain bikers will be offered the chance to track detailed metrics 'including jump count, jump distance and hang time'.

Additionally, smart connectivity to a mobile phone will provide text and call alerts and even a weather page with up-to-date forecasting and alerts for adverse weather.

The Edge 1030 Plus will be more advanced than the 130, especially in the mapping department.

With preloaded Garmin Cycle Maps, riders will have instant access to detailed turn-by-turn navigation across the United States and Europe including alerts for tight turns and junctions.

There will also be the ability to design routes from the device or even utilise Garmin's Trendline data that uses algorithms to offer popular routes previously ridden by over users. These routes can then also be temporarily paused, allowing a rider to explore a new road without losing the original route.

Additionally, mountain bikers and gravel riders will also be interested in the 'Forksight' feature which Garmin claims 'displays upcoming forks in the trail and shows riders where they are within a trail network.'

Beyond mapping, the Edge 1030 Plus will also help with a rider's training and recovery, offering data to track VO2 max, recovery times, training loads, training focuses and even the ability to judge how the body is reacting to riding at altitude.

Furthermore, you can even set notifications to remind you of when to eat and drink on long rides, too.

Buy the Garmin Edge 130 Plus and 1030 Plus from Wiggle here.

With Garmin also having recently purchased indoor training brand Tacx, the Edge 1030 Plus will seamlessly connect with Tacx smart turbo trainers.

The Edge 1030 Plus will retail at the premium end of the spectrum at £519.99 and boasts 'up to 24 hours of battery life while using GPS, multiple paired sensors and connected features, including LiveTrack' from its 3.5in touchscreen display.

Both the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus are available to purchase and can also be part of bundles alongside heart rate monitors, mounts and Varia light systems.