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Wattbike releases second-generation Wattbike Atom

Joe Robinson
23 Jun 2020

Updated trainer comes with more powerful resistance and better response to third-party apps

Wattbike has released its next-generation Wattbike Atom training bike with upgrades that promise ‘to take the rider experience to the very next level’.

Having originally launched in 2017, the Atom attempted to give Wattbike users the most realistic experience in terms of ride feels and on-bike performance of all the brand’s indoor bike options.

Three years on, the UK-based company has overhauled the bike’s electromagnetic resistance system to help incorporate a broader range of resistance for users and improve the bike’s performance with third-party apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

‘We didn’t down tools and pat ourselves on the back when the Atom was launched in 2017,' explains head of product, Andy McCorkell. 'We really listened to our customers and the community to continually improve the product, both with regular content updates and improvement of software, firmware and hardware.

‘The next generation Wattbike Atom takes this a step further, to combine the latest innovative technology and learnings from our range of home and commercial products. The result is a product packed full of features to enhance your experience on third party apps, a phenomenal ride feel and, of course, an unrivalled level of accuracy.’

The big change for this latest Wattbike Atom is the overhauled resistance system.


Previously, the Atom would move magnets up and down in order to set resistance via a system of in-built motors. This has changed with Wattbike now adjusting resistance through altering the current of the magnets.

Doing this, Wattbike claims, has helped gear changes on the bike become ‘crisper and faster’ while helping to reduce lag time on gradient changes for apps such as Zwift and The Sufferfest. It is also claimed that these changes will help with lagging on HIIT sessions and standing-start sprints, one criticism expressed by users of the original Atom.

The alteration to the resistance system has also helped boost the bike’s maximum resistance from 2,000W to 2,500W at 130rpm.

With the focus of improvements falling upon how the Wattbike Atom can relay data faster, there has also been the addition of new sensors that can provide more in-depth data.

A new cadence sensor has been bolted onto the Atom’s flywheel while a new crank angle sensor has also been added.

Wattbike claims this will help simulate gradients on apps such as Zwift with better accuracy while also providing the rider ‘more granular data from which to gain performance insights’. To put it in simpler terms, the new crank arm sensor is able to read 48 times per revolution compared with two times per revolution on the old Atom.

Beyond these broader changes, Wattbike has retained the bike’s 44kg weight while also keeping the gradient range at 0% to 25%.

Wattbike, however, has upped its prices with the second-generation Atom retailing for £1,899.99, up from £1,599.99. The new Wattbike Atom went on sale on 1st July, find out more here.

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