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Young black cyclist injured after being mistakenly arrested

Joseph Delves
29 Jun 2020

Rider taking part in charity ride pushed from his bike and threatened with taser by officers

A 13-year-old cyclist was chased from his bike and threatened with a stun gun by police looking for the perpetrators of a stabbing. Although having occurred on 4th June, the Observer first reported the incident over the weekend.

Tottenham resident Huugo Boateng and his father were taking part in a charity cycling challenge to raise money for local outreach programme Kickoff@3.

While riding along a busy section of the River Lea in north London at around 18:30, the younger man was unexpectedly grabbed from his bike by a plainclothes police officer.

Huugo Boateng described the man as 'crazy angry and shouting'. Assuming he was trying to mug him or had other ill intentions, he ran into the bushes beside the canal, and in doing so suffered cuts to his face.

In the video filmed by his father and other bystanders, the police seem to admit they had chased him with a taser. Following behind his son, his father Andrew, 43, was made to kneel and was also handcuffed.

The two were stopped by up to eight officers responding to a stabbing in a nearby park. However, an officer admitted that the victim had been unwilling to provide any description beyond the fact that the assailants were 'black males on a bike'.

Andrew Boateng suggested that although he objected to having been stopped based on such a vague description of the suspects, it was the aggressive manner in which they were treated that caused most distress.

'The police came in at high-octane aggression level 10. We were on a family bike ride, and my son was essentially assaulted by a police officer. We were threatened with tasers even though we weren’t resisting, and then just put in handcuffs.'

Local MP and shadow justice secretary David Lammy said the incident had caused alarm within the community and that a complaint against the police had been lodged.

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