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Specialized issues 'stop-ride' safety alert on Sirrus models

Joe Robinson
29 Jun 2020

Safety concerns with cranks used on certain models from 2019 and 2020 have been found

Specialized has issued a 'stop-ride' safety alert against models of its Sirrus hybrid bikes. The notice affects frames made in the 2019 and 2020 model ranges.

The American bike brand has issued a notice stating it believes some of the cranks used on the Sirrus range may not have been fitted correctly and could result in safety issues.

Any cyclists with the affected models have been asked by Specialized to cease riding and visit a local Specialized stockist in order for the cranks to be checked. It also added that the fix should be quick and simple for a bike shop to do.

The brand says that the issue is related to the two-piece cranksets on certain models which secures the left-side crankarm to the crank spindle via pinch bolts. The models using square-taper cranks are not at risk.

Specialized said that the affected models are as follows:


Sirrus Sport (including EQ and Step-Through versions)  
Sirrus X Comp Carbon


Sirrus 3.0  
Sirrus 4.0  
Sirrus X 3.0  
Sirrus X 4.0  
Sirrus X 5.0  

Consumers will be able to tell if their bike is affected as the model name will be printed on the headtube and right seatstay.

'We are working urgently to finalise the fix to this issue and obtain the required government approvals. We’re all riders ourselves, so getting you back on your bike is an absolute priority for our team. We fully expect this to be a simple and quick fix,' explained John Goulet, director of quality at Specialized.

'During this chaotic time in the world, the bike has been an outlet for so many of us. We are genuinely sorry to have to ask you to pause. We are committed to making this right as fast as humanly possible.'

The Sirrus hybrid bike is among one of Specialized's most popular bikes thanks to its low price point. The entry-level option retails at £549.99.