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Shimano releases special-edition 25th anniversary SPD sandals

The iconic SPD sandals have been updated with a new colourway to celebrate quarter of a century

Joe Robinson
1 Jul 2020

Shimano is celebrating 25 years of cycling's most iconic footwear with the release of a special-edition SPD sandal.

After a quarter of a century of making bike tourers and audaxers unlikely style icons, the Japanese brand has updated its second-generation Shimano SD-501A SPD sandals in a more minimalist design and special, alluring navy colourway.

'Dual-lined' straps have been brought in to increase comfort on the foot while a semi-rigid sole plate offers a balance between stiffness for riding and flexibility for walking around museums.

Originally released in 1995, the first-generation SD50 sandals were the first-ever clipless-pedal sandals to be designed for cycling.

Designed to provide maximum breathability on the bike, they quickly became a cult item.

Originally worn by slightly awkward middle-aged men, who rode touring bikes with sub-compact groupsets and knew a bit too much about independently-brewed cider, they have recently become a go-to choice of shoe for slightly awkward 20-something hipsters who ride gravel bikes with sub-compact groupsets and know a bit too much about independently-brewed craft beer.

In fact, the cult following is so apparent that a set of mint-condition SD50 originals recently sold for $900 on eBay.

The critics would say that not only do Shimano's SPD sandals make you look like a train enthusiast enjoying your summer holiday on the Baltic Sea sleeper from Malmo to Berlin, but they are also wholly impractical.

If you want to buy the original Shimano SPD sandals (which we know you do), they can be found here on Wiggle

Well, yes, they are wholly impractical as they offer no protection for your feet, leaving them completely exposed to elements, ranging from sunburn to trench foot.

But when has impracticality ever impeded a cyclist's quest for style? The answer should be never.

Shimano will be releasing its updated SPD sandals in all sizes from EU39 to 48 and sold at a respectable price of around £108 ($135). 

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