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Cycling Electric issue 2: Get your copy now!

New from the makers of Cyclist, a magazine dedicated to the exciting world of electric bikes

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When mountain biking icons Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher began tearing down the hills of California on fat-tyred customised ‘boneshakers’, few could have predicted they would be the early pioneers of a new movement in cycling.

As tinkerers and dreamers, they sowed the seeds of a potential new wave of cycling – not just for how fast and hard a bike could be ridden, but also opening up horizons previously impossible to conquer by bike.

While the first electric bike concepts came long before the emergence of mountain biking, we’re seeing history repeating in some ways with the modern e-bike.

Yes, the first wave of electric bikes landing in the UK en masse may have made little impression, but the persistence of a minority and eventual interest from some multinational brands has since seen interest explode.

Each year the bike industry’s largest component maker, Shimano, publishes a study of the interest over time in electric bikes. This year, that included the headline: ‘A quarter of Europeans will use an e-bike in 2020.’

In the UK, however, the reality is that closer to 7% of the population intend to experience electric pedal assistance. Readers of Cycling Electric are part of that pioneering minority who are discovering a new and freedom-giving means to move.

You could be, like Kelly and Fisher, someone who simply enjoys the cycling experience and wants as much fun as possible when in the saddle. For others, the chance to change your mindset can be life-changing and inject new zest into routines that had perhaps become mundane.

Or perhaps you’re making a choice to invest in a new cycle as a way to break an old cycle, whether that’s inflation-busting train fares or motoring costs that never seem to get any cheaper.

With Cycling Electric’s second issue, we seek to inspire you to think deeply about just how much impact an e-bike journey can have on your daily routine, your precious leisure time and even the world around you. 

Mark Sutton Editor, Cycling Electric

E-bikes will play a significant role in the future of cycling, Cycling Electric is the ultimate guide to what's coming.

The magazine is on sale from 18th November 2020, priced at £5.99 
Available now from, WHSmith, Sainsbury’s and independent retailers

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