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Cycling Electric issue 2: Get your copy now!

New from the makers of Cyclist, a magazine dedicated to the exciting world of electric bikes

Cycling Electric issue 1: Your ultimate guide to buying an e-bike

There are myths aplenty surrounding the word of e-bikes. But Cycling Electric has arrived on the scene ready to set the record straight in a jargon-free manner that delivers sound buying advice and inspiration in equal measure.

I must first confess to once upon a time being a sceptic myself. While not subscribing to the narrative that 'it’s cheating', there was a time when I found the electric bike a decidedly unattractive proposition. So what changed my mind? Trying one, of course.

If you’ve come this far you may already have heard the term 'the e-bike smile'. That’s not just marketing spiel – it is a real thing, often spotted adorning the face of anyone experiencing the electric bike for the first time.

It is a feeling unlike any other in cycling, and the best way to experience it is to seek out a demo experience from one of the many specialist retailers that have come to operate in the segment.

For many, the e-bike brings a realisation that with this gentle assistance you may reach summits previously unseen – or if not you, it may enable your parent or child to do the same by your side on a family holiday.

Perhaps you’re coming from a business perspective and have recognised that you can ditch the dirty diesel van in favour of a leaner, more nimble, more efficient and therefore more profitable means of delivery. For still others, it is as simple as taking the strain out of cycling and being able to take time to enjoy the ride.

Whatever brings you to Cycling Electric, we’re glad to assist you on your journey. You’ve got the power.

Mark Sutton Editor, Cycling Electric

E-bikes will play a significant role in the future of cycling, Cycling Electric is the ultimate guide to what's coming.

Page 2 of 2Cycling Electric issue 1: Your ultimate guide to buying an e-bike

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Page 2 of 2Cycling Electric issue 1: Your ultimate guide to buying an e-bike