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Continental releases tan wall version of the GP5000 road tyre

Joe Robinson
13 Jul 2020

The ever-popular road tyre gets a tan wall update for the Tour de France

German tyre giant Continental has released a stunning special edition tan wall version of the GP5000 road tyre to celebrate the Tour de France.

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 TdF LTD will be the brand's first special edition of the ever-popular tyre and its first cream sidewall classic road tyre.

Released on what would have been the second rest day of this year's Tour, before it was rescheduled to fall in September, the tyre has been designed as a 'fashionable asset for those wanting a super stylish ride and harks back to a classic era of tyre design'.

However, these are far from just a fashion statement as they contain all of the performance benefits of the existing Continental GP5000 road tyre, one of the most respected all-rounder tyres on the market. 

The GP5000 was the 2018 update of the GP4000 tyre, the best-selling clincher road tyre of all time (as claimed by the brand). It combined the brand's popular Black Chili rubber compound for 'efficient grip' with Active Comfort Technology for smoother riding and VectranBreaker material for better puncture resistance.

The GP5000 saw Continental also release its first-ever road tubeless tyre, however this special edition tan wall version will only be available as a clincher and only in a 25mm width.

Head of marketing for bicycle tyres at Continental, Oliver Anhuth, explained that this special edition GP5000 tyre has been released for the fashion-conscious rider. 

'Along with cycling fans across the world, at Continental we’ve been looking forward to this year’s Tour de France since the close of 2019’s epic stages. And although racing is not taking place this summer for everyone to enjoy and get excited about, we didn’t want to hold off introducing our first Special Edition Grand Prix 5000 this summer when the Tour de France would have taken place,' said Anhuth.

'We are proud to present and launch the coloured sidewall for the Grand Prix 5000 – a stylish product for the stylish ride all cyclists deserve.'

The special edition tan wall GP5000 tyres will be available to buy from Monday 13th July, cost €69.90 per tyre (about £63) and should be stocked by Wiggle later this week.

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