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Strava launches Local Legends with one rider ticking off a segment 197 times

Joe Robinson
17 Jul 2020

The new feature is available to all and celebrates riders for consistency rather than speed

Strava has finally rolled out its Local Legends feature to users and the data that goes along with it shows that we cyclists really are creatures of habit.

The fitness tracking app has gone through somewhat of a revolution in 2020, placing its much-heralded leaderboards and segments feature behind what is effectively a paywall, albeit a fairly affordable one.

However, its latest Local Legends feature will now be visible to all Strava users. It looks to focus on and celebrate those diesel engines who are regular in their rides rather than the whippets out targetting KoMs.

The Local Legends feature will reward consistency will be a laurel awarded to the rider who has completed a segment the most times over a rolling 90-day period.

Yes, you may think this is just a prize for commuters but as they decide to ride bikes to work maybe they deserve it? Plus, as some of the Local Legends data Strava provided with its latest feature, it seems as if some of the most popular segments are not just being ticked off regularly by those riding to work.

Strava has revealed that its most popular segment in the UK over a 90-day period is a 1km stretch called Kingston to Bushy that cuts past Bushy Park and Hampton Court in West London.

This particular segment was covered a total of 80,201 times with one particular cyclist rolling through 97 times.

The second most popular segment is on Upper Richmond Road, Wandsworth and is called 'Heaven is a place on earth'. That was covered a total of 55,717 times with one rider repeating it 83 times. Reports on that rider being Belinda Carlisle are unconfirmed.

It comes as no surprise that 'Surrey's Alpe d'Huez', Box Hill, is ticked off a hell of a lot of times in 90 days: 37,000 attempts to be exact, with one rider negotiating the Box Hill switchbacks a cool 80 times.

Outside of the metropolitan Lonon/Surrey bubble, England's most frequent segment is Bristol's 'Over Bridge to Aston Court' that takes riders over the industrially spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge. That was ridden 28,368 times in 90 days with one massive fan of Isambard Kingdom Brunel doing it 78 times.

Up north, it was the 'Askwith LN to Denton Rd' segment that came out top, a 2.66km descent just north of Otley in Yorkshire. That had 13,883 attempts while one rider covered it 44 times in 90 days.

In Wales, Swansea tipped Cardiff with the 'County Hall to Cenotaph' segment coming out with 11,843 efforts while Northern Ireland's most ridden segment was 'Comber back to Belfast', completed just the 6,800 times in total and 53 times by one rider.

And topping the lot was the most impressive stat of them all. Scotland's most completed segment over the last 90 days was 'roundabout to roundabout' in Edinburgh, that had one particular rider tick it off a cool 197 times in 90 days.

Strava's Local Legends feature is now available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Brazil as well as the USA. Here at Cyclist, we a particularly keen to see who gets the Local Legends laurel on the Angliru. 

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