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Cyclist supports industry's Bike is Best campaign

Cyclist magazine
23 Jul 2020

Sign the petition to show your support for cycling infrastructure and the #BikeIsBest campaign

Bike Is Best is a collaborative behaviour change campaign launched by Fusion Media, building on the increasing recognition of cycling as part of the Covid-19 recovery and encouraging further uptake.

There has never been a better time to ride a bike, in so many ways. Cruise past the congested roads, free yourself of crowded public transport and contribute to a greener planet that gives you cleaner air.

Current circumstances have meant people have had to reset and want to make decisions to safeguard their own health and welfare. This powerful campaign highlights the benefits of cycling in a really genuine manner.

The objective of this campaign is to kickstart the promised nationwide government spend on cycling infrastructure. This is why Cyclist is supporting and helping raise awareness for the campaign as much as possible.

The research

On 23rd July Fusion Media released research into the support for cycling in order to try and shape the narrative towards widespread public support for pop up cycle lanes and other measures to make cycling and walking safer and more attractive.

It is essential that this infrastructure goes ahead as planned in towns and cities across the UK in order for us to grow the number of people who will cycle regularly.

The research conducted independently by YouGov and analysed by Dr Ian Walker shows overwhelming support for local cycling measures. You can read more about the findings here.

The findings

  • 77% of Brits support measures in their local area to encourage cycling and walking. Measures are supported by 6.5 people for every 1 against
  • 80% of Brits who expressed a preference want the UK’s streets redesigned to protect pedestrians and cyclists from motorists; 51% agree they would cycle more if these changes were made
  • But campaigners against the ‘green recovery’ have succeeded in forcing U-turns on initiatives to promote active travel
  • Analysis by prominent environmental psychologist claims data demonstrates people tend to overestimate other people's opposition to cycling measures
  • #BikeIsBest spokesperson says, 'The small minority getting all revved up about their right to drive are having their voices heard through sheer volition. We need local leaders to be bold and secure a better future for the majority.'

Why is this important?

Cycling levels are dropping and car usage is returning to near-normal figures. The best way we will help people continue to cycle is to ensure that this temporary infrastructure is built and that pressure is maintained on the importance of this. There's a creeping narrative that it will be underused and isn't worth the road space reallocation; it's essential we counter this.

How can you help?

Help us to share the positive narrative of the demand for cycling. Sign and share the petition here, make your voice heard and help us show local authorities there's significant unmet demand for safe cycling infrastructure.

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