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Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 7 – Is the aero bike dead?

Joe Robinson
31 Jul 2020

James and Joe catch up with Cameron Piper from Specialized to talk the new Tarmac and the death of the aero bike

The aero bike is dead. Well, according to Specialized it is.

Earlier this week the company launched its latest road racing bike, the Tarmac SL7, which not only hits the UCI weight limit of 6.8kg but is so fast in the wind-tunnel thatSpecialized has decided to ditch its dedicated aero bike, the Venge, altogether.

That's right, we have got to the point where a lightweight race bike is just as fast as an out-and-out aero bike.

So this begs the question, is the aero bike dead?

To help answer the question, James and Joe caught up with product manager of the new Tarmac SL7, Cameron Piper, for a chat about the end of aero and the other mass changes seen with the new Tarmac SL7, not least that new threaded bottom bracket!

The discussion then shifts to a broader look at where road bikes are headed and what other bike trends could join aero in the bin.

James has a gripe about how bikes are not set up properly for the consumer while Joe praises Shimano Ultegra Di2 and laments a diesel 4x4 being promoted by a professional cycling team.

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