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Tour de France finally scraps podium girls

Joe Robinson
20 Aug 2020

Christian Prudhomme announces the decision of no more podium girls as of 2020 race

The Tour de France will no longer feature podium girls, race director Christian Prudhomme announced on Wednesday.  

Prudhomme confirmed that the podium will now feature one hostess and, for the first time, a male host.

'You used to see the champion surrounded by two hostesses, with five elected officials on one side and five representatives of the partners on the other,' Prudhomme said.

'Now, it will be different, with only one elected official and one representative of the partner of the yellow jersey, as well as a hostess and a host for the first time.'

The presence of podium girls has become increasingly scrutinised with many calling for the practice to be replaced due to being outdated and sexist.

French radio channel Europe 1, where Prudhomme made his statement, reported that a 2019 petition saw 38,000 sign against the practice, stating that women 'are not objects or rewards'. The channel also pointed out that Formula 1 racing scrapped its 'grid girls' in 2018 for similar reasons.

Prudhomme was keen to point out that not having podium girls is nothing new to ASO, organiser of the Tour, saying, 'Yes, it’s new [for the Tour] but we have already been doing it in other races for 20 years, like in Liege-Bastogne-Liege.'

For now, there will be no podium hosts or hostesses due to Covid-19 regulations and the need for social distancing. But when they do return, it's certainly going to have a different feel.

At the same press conference, Prudhomme also shed more light on how people will be able to attend this year's Tour, starting on Saturday 29th August in Nice.

Prudhomme confirmed that all spectators will be expected to wear masks regardless of national or regional rules. ASO will also allow 1,750 spectators to attend the team presentation in Nice but could reduce the number if needs be.

Media access will also be dramatically reduced. Usually, the caravan of media and organisers is around 5,000 strong but has been reduced down to 3,000 with less media access being granted on-site.

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