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Aftershokz releases entry-level OpenMove bone-conduction headphones

Peter Stuart
15 Sep 2020

Aftershokz OpenMove headphones allow cyclists to hear ambient-noise at the most affordable price point yet

Bone-conduction headphone specialist Aftershokz has released the OpenMove headphones, a new model that features its flagship technology at the lowest price we have ever seen from the brand – £79.95.

Headphones are a hugely contentious issue amongst cyclists – with many arguing they reduce safety and others countering that it is no different to listening to a stereo in a car. Aftershokz’s bone-conduction has long-since been championed as a solution to listening to music while still being able to safely hear ambient noise.

The appeal is simple: bone-conducting headphones sit on the temple, just in front of the ear rather than in or over the ear canal. In doing so they do not obstruct external noises – say, a car engine or a rider calling out a pothole.

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The OpenMove headphones include the PremiumPitch 2.0 bone conduction technology, which offers a powerful range of tones but without significant vibration, alongside six hours of battery life (10 days on standby).

We’ve tried the Aeropex in the past, and the quality of sound has consistently been a pleasant surprise despite the unusual means of sound-conduction.

One of the major appeals of Aftershokz headphones to a variety of active sports enthusiasts has been the durability and light weight. The range-topping Aftershokz Aeropex headphones offer an IP67 rating and weigh only 26g.

At around half the price, the OpenMove weighs only 3g more, at 29g, and has an IP55 water resistance rating, meaning the headphones are ‘protected from low pressure water jets from any direction’. That makes them well-geared toward rainy rides but they cannot be totally submerged in water.

The headphones are available in a wide range of colours and are available to buy now.

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