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Busby is an app that knows if you’ve had an accident

Joseph Delves
17 Sep 2020

The Busby app can call your emergency contacts even if you’re incapacitated

In the event of a crash a smartphone allows you to find your location and lets you call for help. However, neither of these features is going to be much use if you’re unconscious or concussed.

Busby is an app that uses the sensors in your phone to keep an eye on you as you ride. If it senses a crash, it starts a countdown after which it’ll send a text to your emergency contacts if you don’t deactivate it.

The free app aims to make solo riding safer, and is also useful for a range of other sports and activities, from horseriding to skiing.

'If a user has an incident Busby will send their precise location to their emergency contacts anywhere in the world,' explains co-founder, James Duffy.

Further simplifying locating your loved ones, Busby uses What3Words, a system that converts map coordinates into a string of three words.

(Well worth downloading too, What3Words deserves a little extra bonus star for working well last year when a friend smashed himself up and we had to direct an ambulance to a remote spot.)

The Busby team has recently launched the second version of its app. Like its predecessor, it also includes advice on what to do in the event of an emergency, but now also includes new safety features, as well as a system of incentivising safer riding.

'Busby now also rewards users for being safe. We now offer coins for every protected mile and for each family/friend referral,' says Duffy. 'These allow users to enter monthly giveaways, unlock discounts and rewards within the app with some top cycling brands. The new re-design also brings new patent-pending features such as Busby Flare and RoadRadar.'

Hoping to partner with more delivery companies, the RoadRadar feature can provide commercial fleet drivers with an audible warning that a Busby road user is nearby, further alerting them to their presence.

The Flare feature allows you to contact nearby users or bike shops in the event of needing assistance while out riding.

Available for IoS and Android, and you can find more info about the app on its website at

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