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Miguel Indurain's Pinarello Espada selling for €100,000 on Facebook

Joe Robinson
24 Sep 2020

A collector is claiming to be selling one of only six Miguel Indurain Pinarello Espada road bikes on Facebook

One of only six Miguel Indurain Pinarello Espada carbon fibre time-trial bikes is supposedly up for sale at the cool price of €100,000, so claims its seller.

Indurain race bikes are notoriously hard to come by – mainly because he kept most of them – however, a seller from the party island of Ibiza is claiming to be selling the fifth of only six Espada road time-trial bikes ever created, which is also signed by 'Big Mig'.

Set with the specially-made 180mm Campagnolo Record crank arms and disc time-trial wheel, the seller claims that this bike was signed by Indurain and kept by Pinarello before being bought by a bike and car collector some years later, now being sold on none other than Facebook Market Place for €100,000 or a 'serious offer' in that region. 

The unique-looking bike with its mismatched wheels and odd frame shape was created by Pinarello in the 1990s for five-time Tour de France winner Indurain, quickly becoming an iconic bike of modern cycling that helped define the Spaniard's dominant era in the sport.

Originally the Espada was created by Pinarello in conjunction with Florence University and car manufacturer Lamborghini, which lent Fausto Pinarello its wind-tunnel, and Bugatti, which lent a carbon fibre mould expert, for Indurain's successful Hour Record attempt in 1994.

After proving a roaring success, the Espada frameset was then redesigned for the road in 1995, when Indurain piloted the bike to a fifth consecutive Tour de France victory that year.

According to the seller, the carbon Espada up for sale now is the fifth to be moulded in the winter of 1995 to 1996. Slightly adjusted from the previous Espada frameset, it is claimed that this version was changed to allow better aerodynamics from the slightly smaller rear Campagnolo Delta prototype brake calliper used.

This particular bike was made race-ready with the famous ITM cockpit and long Campagnolo crank arms for Indurain in 1996, the year his dominance at the Tour ended, but never raced on due to some sponsorship disagreements, despite being taken by Indurain's Barnesto team to races.

Instead, it was returned and sat pretty in Pinarello's Italian factory until bought by a collector. Hence, its tag as the Pinarello Espada 'Vergin'.

Of course, if you were going to consider buying this Espada, we would suggest you do some due diligence and establish some provenance surrounding the validity of the bike and whether it is the genuine article.

However, Indurain's old bikes selling for a mint on eBay and Facebook are not uncommon. After all, Indurain's Pinarello road bike from the 1994 season has been up for sale for £46,000 on eBay for as long as time itself.

Either way, the Espada is one of the most iconic bikes to have ever been produced and the fact that somebody is trying to sell an 'official' Indurain-approved full bike for the price of €100,000 will never not be interesting.

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