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Amateur Jonathan Shubert sets new 100-mile TT record in under 3 hours

Joe Robinson
3 Nov 2020

Ultra-distance specialist sets new benchmark of 2 hours 57 minutes 58 seconds. Lead Image: James Lucas | Jelignite Photography

Amateur cyclist Jonathan Shubert has set a new provisional 100-mile record in an incredible time of 2 hours, 57 minutes and 58 seconds. 

Shubert set the new Road Records Association 100-mile straight out benchmark by riding from Milton Keynes to Norwich with an average speed of 54.5kmh, or 33.8mph in old money, on Monday. This saw Shubert beat his own existing record of 3 hours, 8 minutes and 14 seconds.

Followed in a support car by fellow ultra-cyclist Michael Broadwith, roadside video footage showed just how fast Shubert was riding. 

After posting his new record to Strava, we can also see just how impressive a ride the Arctic Aircon RT rider's efforts really were. 

Averaging 54.5kmh, Shubert managed to max out at 77kmh while tapping out a smooth average cadence of 92rpm on the relatively flat course that saw just 653m of vertical elevation. For the first 20km of the ride, Shubert's average speed was closer to 60kmh, showing he really got out of the gate fast.

In terms of power, Shubert's Strava record show he averaged just the 210W for the record. However, further investigation shows that Shubert's power meter cut out around 125km mark and up until that point, his power was closer to the 270W mark.

Image: James Lucas | Jelignite Photography

Along the way, there was a whole load of Strava King of the Mountain titles that tumbled, too. We counted no less than 28 crowns on his effort.

It comes as no surprise that Shubert was able to set a new 100-mile record, however, as he is quite the specialist in ultra events.

He is a former British 24-hour cycling champion – winning with a distance of 835km in 2014 – who also circumnavigated 30,000km across the globe by bike between March 2013 and 2014.

Shubert, who was working as a science teacher at a British school in Oman, also holds the World Record for riding 1,300km across the length of Oman in just 48 hours, four days faster than the previous record.

The ex-pat has also been a face at the British Hill Climb scene in the past, too. In fact, we here at Cyclist met Shubert at the 2018 Catford Hill Climb in which he finished eighth in a time of 2:07.7. On that occasion, we were fascinated to discover he was riding a fully built 5.5kg Taiwanese replica of a Specialized S-Works Tarmac – which you can see above – that he had bought for £600.

The only issue for Shubert is that after all of his efforts, somebody still decided to flag him on Strava.

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