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Pick 'n' Mix - 04

Pick n Mix 4
James Spender
19 Feb 2016

Go on, dive right in.

1. LifeLine Prime tyres

The first winner of the American Who Wants To Be A Millionaire used his ‘phone a friend’ lifeline on the final question to call his father to tell him he was about to win a million dollars. That’s some serious belief, a trait LifeLine shares in its new Prime tyres, which boast 120tpi carcasses and weigh a respectable 241g for the Race and 279g for the puncture-resistant Armour. They could be your final answer. 


2. Gorilla Tape

If King Kong rode tubeless tyres, this is what he’d use to seal his rim beds. Airtight, waterproof and insanely sticky, Gorilla Tape comes in a variety of widths and finishes, from regular black to frame-protecting clear. There’s even a camouflage version, essential for observing the road laws of the jungle.  

from £2.79,

3. Topeak Monster Air tool

It has been said that to make it big in cooking you have to take some whisks, but kleptomaniacs don’t get puns because they take everything literally. It’s a sentiment Topeak shares, collecting together every transportable bike tool under the sun, including a CO2 inflator, and cramming it into one of the biggest multi-tools we’ve ever seen. 


4. Muc-Off Athlete Performance

While it’s difficult for us to recommend using Muc-Off’s warm-up balm instead of wearing actual clothing, nor its amino acid creams instead of eating actual food, we can happily recommend them all as excellent pre, during and post-ride muscle rubs to invigorate, sooth and boost muscle performance. 

from £15,

5. VeloToze Toe Cover

As any Damien Hirst cow can tell you, there are few things in life that get better when you cut them in half, but the VeloToze Toe Cover might just be one of them. Ostensibly a trimmed down version of the VeloToze watertight bootie, the Toe Cover is easier to put on, allows your foot to breathe and doubles as a swimming cap for cats. 


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