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Commuters can now use Santander Cycles for £1 a week

Will Strickson
23 Nov 2020

Transport for London partners with Cyclescheme to offer their yearly membership tax-free, enabling commuters to save up to £37.80

London commuters can now use Santander Cycles for as little as £1 a week thanks to the new City Bike Hire scheme.

Transport for London (TfL) has partnered with Cyclescheme, the UK's leading cycle to work provider, to allow workers to pay for a yearly Santander Cycles membership tax-free via their employers.

The new scheme will work the same way the existing cycle to work does so the standard £90 membership is tax-free, will come out of your salary before tax and is spread out over a year meaning it will cost between £1 and £1.17 per week depending on your tax bracket.

The standard rule of unlimited 30-minute journeys with £2 for every extra 30 minutes still applies however, so if you sign up make sure you time it right.

As many as 22,000 employers in London currently use Cyclescheme as their cycle to work provider, meaning City Bike Hire is available to around 800,000 Londoners.

Helen Sharp, Head of Cycle Hire Business Development at TfL said: 'Our cycle hire scheme has led a revolution in cycling in London over the last 10 years.

'Santander Cycles are a brilliant option for those who don't have their own bike, and through our partnership with Cyclescheme, employers can now offer their staff access to the scheme for less than ever before.'

The partnership is part of the government's commitment to increase cycling infrastructure and comes just after Transport Secretary Grant Schapps announced plans to invest £175m into 'high-quality cycling and walking infrastructure' across England.

Employers who wish to sign up to the scheme can find out more at