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Restrap announces biannual Solstice Century challenge

Will Strickson
11 Dec 2020

The Yorkshire accessories manufacturer will celebrate the shortest day of the year with a virtual challenge and prizes starting next weekend

Yorkshire accessories brand Restrap has launched the biannual Solstice Century challenge, with the first edition next weekend over the winter solstice.

The challenge, which can be recorded using any ride tracking platform, is to ride 100 miles (161km) over the solstice weekend, whether that be in one ride or multiple, indoors or outdoors.

To enter, make sure yourride or rides are public and fill in the form on the Restrap website.

Everyone who completes the challenge will get a Solstice Century patch and there's a chance to win some extras from Restrap.

You could win a set of Exposure Trace lights with a custom Restrap logo etched in and a packable Race musette by posting a photo of your ride on social media and tagging #SolsticeCentury.

Only Restrap's favourite image will win the prizes.

If you fancy taking on the challenge in a single day make sure you plan your day beforehand, either have your lights charged or time your ride right as the shortest day of the year, next Sunday, will only get seven hours, 49 minutes and 42 seconds of daylight (in London).

We look forward to seeing the summer solstice challenge in June when the daylight lasts nearly 17 hours.

To find out more about the Solstice Century challenge, visit the Restrap website here

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