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Speedforce launch all-in-one stem

25 Feb 2016

A stem that combines GPS navigation, a bike computer, and headlight. All in one unit.

Cycling should be simple, but like every other aspect of modern life, it’s becomeing ever increasingly ‘gadgetised’. Clamber on your bike for a quick spin round the local lanes and, chances are, you’ll have any number of thingamajigs attached to either you or your bike, ranging from a GPS device or cadence sensor to a heart-rate monitor, headlight or smartphone. This can have tragic effects on the aesthetics of one's handlebar cockpit, with some guilty parties having a closer resemblance to a NASA control centre than a smart road bike. 

If only someone would come up with a way of combining the lot into one simple unit…Oh, they already have?

Yep! A company called Speedforce has created a rather sleek-looking bike stem that packs all of this stuff into one unified component. This splendid gizmo includes a 150-lumen light and a multi-functional computer that automatically monitors and records cycling data, as well as providing you with real-time navigation via its built-in GPS system. 

All of this useful information is delivered to the rider on a 1.6in (320x320 pixel) colour screen and it can record up to 180 days worth of data, supporting both Android (4.0 and up) and iOS (7.0 and up). As if that wasn’t enough, the gadget also comes with its own social media app – which the computer can directly communicate with, uploading and downloading data either on the fly, in the cafe, or once back at home. The bike unit also offers an impressive 40 hours of battery life (or 16 with GPS turned on), meaning it’ll cope with all but the most arduous of audaxes. 

The performance aspects of the stem remain unaccounted for, and the stem is only available in 110mm for the road option, but we think there is little doubt in that it does look impressive, and likely has the ability to slip conspicuously into a lot of existing road bike set ups.

Due out in March, it’s expected to retail for around £107. Keep an eye out in Cyclist for a review soon.

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