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Joe Biden's Peloton smartbike might not make it to the White House

President's stationary bike poses security risk due to its camera, microphone and connectivity expert warns

Will Strickson
21 Jan 2021

Newly inaugurated US president Joe Biden may not be allowed to take his Peloton bike with him to the White House, an expert has warned.

The bike, bought by the president and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, to keep fit during the Covid-19 pandemic, could pose a potential cyber security risk due to its microphone, camera and internet connectivity.

Max Kilger, associate professor in practice and director of the data analytics program at the University of Texas, told Popular Mechanics: 'You're connected to the internet, even though there are firewalls and intrusion detection software... Those things can be gotten around if you're really good and skilled.'

Both the microphone and camera fitted to a Peloton bike are controlled by the operating system on your connected device and the bike has equipment to allow it to access your Wi-Fi network.

With access to this system hackers could find a way into the owner's connected smartwatch or phone.

Internet hackers have already proven the system to be vulnerable by rigging their bike to show Netflix on the screen.

It has also been reported, however, that former First Lady Michelle Obama has a modified Peloton so President Biden may be able to get a secure, stripped down version of the bike. Peloton also posted this tweet referencing the story.

We believe the president's best solution would be to get a basic turbo trainer that doesn't connect to the internet (and is a lot cheaper than a Peloton, even if you need to buy a bike to go with it).

Here are some options, Mr President, if you're reading...

Saris Basic Mag trainer

The Saris Basic Mag turbo is incredibly simply to set up and use and has five levels of resistance so you can manually adjust how hard your session is as you go and follow training programmes.

If you're not worried about any potential security risk, all you need to get is a speed sensor and you can connect it to training apps like Rouvy – for which a month's subscription is included.

JetBlack M5 Pro magnetic cycle trainer

Like the Saris, this JetBlack trainer is compact, simple to use and has five levels of resistance.

Its quick release has four positions so the M5 Pro is actually compatible with 700c, 29″, 27.5″, 26″ and many 24″ wheels.

You might also want: Garmin Bike Speed Sensor 2

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Now I don't know how busy weekends in the White House will be but if you do want to track the data from your training this Garmin speed sensor is worth a look.

It'll help you get online if you want but it can also connect to your Garmin bike computer or smart watch to track your training while staying offline.

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