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Enve expands Foundation Collection with two new gravel wheelsets

28 Jan 2021

Enve says its AG25 and AG28 wheelsets place emphasis on versatility for off-road riding and racing


Enve has launched two new gravel wheelsets in its Foundation Collection, the AG25 and AG28. The brand says they are built to provide 'best-in-class' performance for drop-bar, off-road riding.

The Foundation Collection is currently comprised of the Enve 45 and Enve 65 aero road wheels and the AM30 mountain bike wheels and aims to offer the much the same technology as their premium wheelsets at a more accessible price point of £1,850.

There are five core technologies that make up the 'Foundation' of all of Enve's wheelsets in this collection: moulded spoke and valve-stem holes, anti-pinch flat technology, tubeless optimisation, handcrafted carbon, as well as lifetime incident protection and a five-year warranty.

Green with Enve

The AG25 and AG28 wheelsets (AG stands for Adventure/Gravel) were designed to perform as well on a multi-day adventure as in an off-road race with versatile tyre compatibility thanks to the 25mm and 28mm inner rim widths after which they're named. 

Buy the AG25 and AG26 wheelsets from Enve now

Key Foundation features for these gravel wheelsets are the moulded spoke hole and anti-pinch flat technologies. Having moulded spoke holes prevents the need for carbon fibres to be cut which Enve says allows for a lighter and stronger rim.

Anti-pinch flat protection comes via the wide hookless bead which Enve claims absorbs impact at the leading edge to improve pinch flat resistance by over 60% and improve impact strength by over 30%. The hookless bead design also allows for tubeless optimisation.

To add to that, the AG rims are built with a shallow cross-section that Enve says helps to improve compliance and, importantly, vibration damping.

The Foundation Road hubs offered are available in Shimano, Sram XDR and Campagnolo configurations, however the wheels are also paired with Industry Nine 1/1 hubs that maintain the same high performance yet affordable build.

Buy the AG25 and AG26 wheelsets from Enve now

Enve claims that after testing, the AG's design 'delivers the best balance of weight, responsiveness, handling, impact toughness and comfort available in the sub-$2k wheel market'.

Specs, weights and prices

AG25 AG28
Rim diameter 700c 650b
Inner rim width 25mm 28mm
Rim depth 21mm 21mm
Weight 1,460g 1,460g
Recommended tire size 36mm-50mm 47mm-57mm (2.25")
Price £1,850 £1,850