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Joss Lowden breaks women's Hour Record in training

Will Strickson
11 Feb 2021

Drops rider unofficially records 48.160km, 153m more than Vittoria Bussi's official record. Photo: Drops

Joss Lowden has unofficially broken the women's Hour Record in a training simulation, setting a distance of 48.160km.

The news was initially tweeted by coach Sean Yates before partner and fellow British cyclist Dan Bigham confirmed the distance.

Lowden, who rides for Drops, went 153m further than the official women's Hour Record held by Italian Vittoria Bussi.

It bodes well for an official attempt at the record as Bussi rode at high altitude in Mexico where Victor Campanaerts also set the men's record, while Lowden's effort at lower altitude in the UK was described by Bigham as 'a pretty slow day' with Yates also adding that there was 'more to come'.

Bigham himself, who rides for Ribble Weldtite, set an unofficial distance of 53.260km, which would be the fifth best attempt by a male rider and just under two kilometres shy of Campanaerts's record.

Lowden was originally planning to go for the record last year after she went over a kilometre more than the British record at a test ride in Derby.

However, she told her plans were halted after worldwide lockdowns began as she was training at altitude in Tenerife where rules meant even going for a walk wasn't allowed.