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When Can We Ride Together Again: counting down the days, weeks and months

Will Strickson
9 Mar 2021

Specialist insurer Pedalsure has launched a countdown to tick off the seconds until group rides, cafe stops and trips abroad are allowed

Cyclists love maps, on paper or GPX file, Komoot or Strava, so when the Prime Minister presented his roadmap out of lockdown, of course it was studied to within an inch of its T&Cs. Not least because back in 2013 some people thought it was a good idea to create a cycling magazine that required trips abroad.

Cycling insurer Pedalsure has taken the roadmap one step further and, inspired by (which we can also get behind) has created 'the official lockdown countdown for cyclists:

It tracks how long remains until we're legally permitted – provided the government doesn't push it back – to go on a group ride, have a cafe stop outdoors and indoors, travel abroad and create our own peloton.

It'll be news to the groups gathering in and near London's Richmond and Bushy Parks at the weekend that we shouldn't be riding with more than one other person from a different household, but I'm sure most people have stuck to the words of our own dear leader and kept rides short, local and solo.

From 29th March group rides of up to six people or two households will be allowed. This is also when organised outdoor sports are supposed to return, including time-trials.

Cafe stops for six people, or two households, get the green light from 12th April outdoors and 17th May indoors. 

International travel is technically allowed from 17th May too, however the destination will likely depend on the rules of that country and whether you've been vaccinated. Luckily we know a few good rides in Cyprus and Portugal.

It all leads up to 21st June, when we'll have five days of completely free riding before we hunker down in front of the TV again to watch the 2021 Tour de France.

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