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Colnago releases C64 NFT celebrating its history

Non-fungible token of the commemorative C64, which combines iconic bikes from Colnago's history, has gone up for auction. Image: Colnago

Will Strickson
6 May 2021

If you thought the introduction of e-bikes was going too far, you might want to find your stress ball before reading on. Colnago has released a one-off C64 NFT incorporating its most famous moments into one non-existent bike.

An NFT, a non-fungible token, is essentially a digital work of art backed by cryptocurrency and hosted on a blockchain that confirms the buyer has the 'original' – despite the fact that the actual art can be seen, copied and shared all over the internet.

The concept has taken off this year, with auction house Christie's auctioning off an NFT for an unbelievable $69m, and now Colnago has become the first bike brand to get in on the act.

The C64 NFT, up for auction until 25th May on NFT marketplace OpenSea, combines eight moments from Colnago's history: the first carbon-framed bike, the Concept; Abraham Olano's 1995 World Championship-winning Bititan; Anthony Charteau's 2010 Polka-Dot jersey winning C59; the 1994 Team Time-Trial World Championship 100km winning C35; Giuseppe Saronni's Super Profil; Tony Rominger's Hour Record bike; Team Mapei's C40; and Tadej Pogačar's Tour de France winning V3Rs.

The price will be interesting to watch as it is hosted by the Ethereum blockchain and bids are in Ether – a booming cryptocurrency that most NFTs are backed by. The minimum bid is Ξ1.95, which is currently worth around £4,830.

NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, have come under scrutiny for the vast energy usage required, with one study suggesting that Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency, consumed more power annually than the Netherlands.

For more information, and to see the individual bikes that inspired the NFT's design, visit, and to place a bid on the C64 NFT visit

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