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Bradley Wiggins Q&A : 'Cav can have one of my medals'

Bradley Wiggins tells Cyclist about his classic bike collection, the team pursuit, and Cav's Olympics chances.

Bradley Wiggins

Fresh off the back of his world championship madison victory with Mark Cavendish on Sunday, Bradley Wiggins attended a Pinarello event at the brand's boutiquey Regent Street store in London. It was a chance for Pinarello to showcase its brand new Team Wiggins edition F8, which luckily for Cyclist also doubled up as a chance for us to have a quick five minutes with the man himself.  

Cyclist: Congratulations with your win in the Madison, but tell us; what happened in the team pursuit?

Bradley Wiggins: We just didn’t have four men that were on par with each other, with one of the guys [Ed Clancy] coming back from injury and stuff. It takes four people, and Ed just didn’t have another turn in him, but he’s had disc surgery and did well just being there. 

Cyc: How do you think the team pursuit will go in Rio? 

BW: Yeah, I still think that we are going to win it.

Cyc: What about Cav; do you think he will get an Olympic spot?

BW: I think he will go, I think they’ll pick him. He doesn’t need to do it, he just wants an Olympic medal. But he can have one of mine if he doesn’t win - I’m sure I could give him a bronze or something.

Bradley Wiggins Fausto Pinarello

Cyc: Do you think you'll be fitting in any domestic time trials this year as part of your preparation?

BW: I’d like to try to do one. That’s what’s so good about it - you can just turn up and do it. There’s not many sports where you can just turn up and ride with the world’s best. You can’t go flick a ball around the park with Steven Gerrard, can you? Cycling is great for that, like RideLondon for example, and you can even get the same thing in Richmond Park on a Sunday morning.

Cyc: What about your perspective; what's it like not being surrounded by the world's best at an event like that?

BW: I’ve done it since I was young, so it’s no difference to me. I don’t see myself as the winner of the Tour de France, you know. My wife races - she’s a Masters champion, and we’ve just always raced. We were on the junior squad together in 1995, and she’s also continued doing it all these years. 

Cyc: You're known for having an enviable classic bike collection at home. How do you go about getting these machines?

BW: Well, there’s a small community of collectors. I’ve spoken to Embacher [Michael Embacher - curator of one of the world's most extensive bike collections]. He had a big auction of stuff in August and I bought one of his bikes.

Cyc: What else have you been amassing recently?

BW: Sean Yates' stuff - all of his stuff. To me he was like the first one after [Tom] Simpson and all that [to move to Europe and race abroad]. So I’ve got all of his race leader jerseys and all of his bikes – he gave me all of it. I’m in the process of getting it all professionally framed.

I’ve got an office at home that is just full of stuff like this; memorabilia, everything. Moser, Indurain; I’ve got Miguel Indurain’s TT bike from the Tour de France. I like the time trial element - for me it's fascinating to see how that has evolved. My Moser is in a museum in London at the moment.

Cyc: You mean the one with the huge rear wheel that he did the Hour record on?

BW: Yeah he used it for one of his attempts, but he didn't do it [set the record] on that one. 

Cyc: What about the Merckx Hour record bike? 

BW: I think the proper one is at the Colnago museum in Italy, and there’s a couple of others around.

Cyc: And yours?

BW: I’ve got the one I rode at home. Actually it's at the Design Museum museum at the moment...

Bradley Wiggins Pinarello Store

Cyc: Were you impressed by Merckx' Hour distance considering his setup?

BW: Yeah, but at the same time that was all that was available to him.

Cyc: So do you reckon you could match that distance on a road bike?

BW: If everyone was doing it [on bikes like that] then yeah.  

Cyc: Finally - is there any chance of you considering the Olympic time trial?

BW: Nope! Some things are best left.

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