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Pick 'n' Mix - 05

James Spender
11 Mar 2016

Roll up, roll up, pedal this way...more back pocket goodies

1 Adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Vario glasses

Back in Ancient Greece an evil eye was nothing to be proud of – a magical curse that manifested in anything from excessive hiccups to feverous death-knells. Today, though, an Evil Eye is a thing of sunglass envy, providing superb wide-angle vision and now coming complete with Adidas’s latest photochromatic Vario lenses.  


2 Truestart coffee

It’s said that snakes don’t drink coffee because it makes them viperactive. That’s why Truestart has developed an instant coffee for cyclists that guarantees the amount of caffeine per cup to help you finely tune your intake and boost performance. Because all those little gains adder up. 


3 Airsmith Mini Floor Pump

With a chamber capacity of 234 cubic centimetres, it would have taken 854,700,855 strokes to inflate the Hindenburg airship with the Airsmith pump, your hand having travelled 393,162km back and forth in the process. Luckily bicycle tyres are a little less voluminous, meaning the Airsmith can comfortably pump a 25c tyre to 100psi in 133 strokes, or just 31 hand-metres. 


4 SiS Whey20 gels

Each four-pack of SiS’s Whey20 gels contains a custard serving’s worth of sugar, two oysters’ worth of fat, a bowl of Shreddies’ worth of calories and a small chicken breast’s worth of protein. Which is to say that for every 1.4g sugar, 0.1g fat and 88kcal, a single Whey20 gel provides 20g of protein, and definitely tastes a whole heap better than a custo-shricken smoothie.

£7.99 for 4,

5 Brooks bar tape

The great Mel Brooks once remarked, ‘If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us tickets.’ Clearly, then, He wanted us to cycle, as the great Brooks bike company has just bestowed upon us a new line in glorious synthetic bar tape. It has all the charm of its famous leather, but is softer to the touch and easier to wrap. Cue singing angels. 

From £25.99,

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