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Strava overhauls Segments section on app

Joe Robinson
2 Jun 2021

New suggested segments update looks to create more personalised experience for users

Popular routing and training app Strava has revealed another major update to its mapping services, overhauling the Segments section of its app. 

From 2nd June, Strava will house segments and routes within one location. The existing Routes section which suggests courses dependant on a series of filters such as preferred ride distance, elevation preferance and road surface is retained while the Segments tab has undergone a sizeable transformation.

Going forward, the app will break Segments down into six categories providing suggestions that are based on either your current location or a specified area and are 'personalised for each athlete'. 

First among the tabs will be 'Visit Popular Spots' which suggests a series of segments in your local area that are popular on the app. That is followed by 'Discover New Places' which alternatively seeks to point out segments which you have yet to ride.

Then comes potentially our favourite tab – 'Break Your Record' – which directs you towards segments in which you have been trending towards a personal record. Following this is 'Climb The Leaderboard' which highlights segments in which you are close to acheiving a Top 10 time.


To finish is the 'Go For A Workout' tab which finds segments that are routinely used by riders for intervals or laps, and the 'Become A Legend' tab which shows you segments that you ride frequently and are therefore close to being awarded 'Local Legend' status on.

For the six tabs above, users will be able to adjust location for suggestions, choose between running or riding and dictate between terrain from 'flat and downhill' to 'bigger climbs' depending on what the user is looking for.

Subscribers to Strava will have access to this Maps update from today but only on the phone and tablet app for now, not desktop, and only if using the latest version of the app.

With Segments being exclusive to paying subsribers, it is also worth mentioning that the above update will not be available to those using the free version of the app.

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