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UCI aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

Will Strickson
3 Jun 2021

Sustainability strategy approved by UCI's management committee targets carbon neutrality and improved equality, diversity and inclusion

Having set out its plan to make cycling one of the world's most sustainable sports in February, the UCI's management committee has now confirmed how it plans to reach that goal.

The new sustainability targets collate what the organisation plans to achieve by 2030 and includes a major reduction in emissions and further steps to improve equality, diversity and inclusion.

Included in those targets is the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from UCI and UCI World Cycling Centre operations to achieve carbon neutrality, reducing absolute emissions by 45% by 2030. 

To help achieve that it has stated it will aim to provide electric vehicles and charging infrastructure from 2022, a vital development for the sport if rolled out to professional racing given the vast numbers of motorbikes, cars and buses involved.

Another target is to establish a taskforce to develop a strategy of equality, diversity and inclusion in cycling by 2022, another important step in increasing cycling's accessibility in all countries.

The UCI has also modified its constitution to add the obligation to elect at least one male and female vice president for a total of four, which will go to UCI Congress for approval in September.

UCI President David Lappartient said, 'The adoption of a concrete Sustainability Strategy by the UCI is an important development for reinforcing cycling's contribution to resolving numerous major problems faced by our society today, while at the same time pinpointing the responsibilities of all those implicated in our sport as they go about their activities.

'It has been particularly important not only to support members of the cycling family with guidelines, but to set our own objectives which we commit to respecting in clearly defined timelines.'

He added, 'The promotion of diversity, inclusion and equality occupies a fundamental piece among our sustainability targets. It is with this in mind that we have undertaken measures to enhance, respect and promote diversity in cycling, whether that is within our federations and its bodies or on a wider world scale, via the UCI World Cycling Centre and the UCI's solidarity programmes.'

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