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Chpt3 launches sustainable and accessible clothing line

Will Strickson
4 Jun 2021

Designed by David Millar to be the everyday athlete's go-to, Most Days is the first collection developed and manufactured in-house

David Millar's Chpt3 has launched its first made-in-house clothing collection, Most Days, designed to be your go-to cycling kit.

Having previously worked alongside Castelli, the new range, designed by Millar, sees the brand attempt to make its clothing more sustainable and accessible.

Alongside using recycled materials and basing manufacturing in European factories verified by best-practice organisation Bluesign, Chpt3 has worked with Clothes Doctor to provide customers with clothing care to make each product last longer.


Millar says, 'We are beginning a journey to make cycling a much more sustainable industry. Using recycled materials is not enough, we also need to reduce the overall consumption of products.

'We designed the Most Days collection to stand the test of time without compromising performance or aesthetics: buy less and buy better. We want our products to be your go-to choice, usable not just in the season you bought it, but in the years that follow.'

Part of that philosophy is committing more to making fewer items, so Most Days includes one men's and one women's product per category. So the collection consists of: a jersey, bibshorts, a baselayer and a cap – which is of course unisex.

It will also be the first time Chpt3 offers women's-specific products, with a shape, feel and padding chosen to optimise comfort and aerodynamics.

What's more, with the jersey available for £95 and shorts – the most expensive item – priced at £119, it is certainly more accessible than some of the brand's previous releases.

The Most Days collection is available to the public from 8th June while early access for current members opened yesterday, for more information visit

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