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Top 20 most picturesque cities for cycling revealed

Will Strickson
8 Jun 2021

Research set out to find the best cities in the world for a bike ride and there are five UK cities in the top 20

Everyone loves taking photos of where they've cycled, whether it's a seasoned pro out with their mates in Tenerife, a MAMIL taking on the Stelvio for the first time or just a casual rider exploring the city on two wheels.

New research by bike insurer has revealed the top 20 most picturesque cities in the world so you can plan your next trip – and social media posts – accordingly, Covid-permitting.

Through analysing over 350,000 city-specific cycling hashtags on Instagram and comparing the number of images with city sizes, it revealed that Chiang Mai in Thailand came out on top.

The city's sightseeing possibilities mean that bike hire boosts these numbers signficantly, with tourists getting the area's mountains and temples in their snaps.

It's also home to more serious cycling though, with hill climb races including the Inthanon Challenge in which riders climb 47km to Thailand's highest point 2,595m above sea level.

Just behind Chiang Mai is Miami in second, Paris surprisingly low in third and Beirut, Lebanon in fourth – we'd better get a Big Ride out there.

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Five British cities made the top 20 with the West Country fluorishing as Bristol was the highest placed in fifth and Bath in 13th.

Between those Cambridge came just behind Bristol in sixth and London was eighth, while Oxford just made it onto the list in 20th. 

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While you might not be able to go to those international destinations quite yet, MoneyBeach also revealed the top 10 British cities with Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, Birmingham and Cardiff rounding off that list so better book your trip.

Top 20 most picturesque cycling cities

  1. Chaing Mai, Thailand
  2. Miami, USA
  3. Paris, France
  4. Beirut, Lebanon
  5. Bristol, UK
  6. Cambridge, UK
  7. Barcelona, Spain
  8. London, UK
  9. Dublin, Ireland
  10. Athens, Greece
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. Bath, UK
  14. Florence, Italy
  15. Atlanta, USA
  16. Seattle, USA
  17. Taipei, Taiwan
  18. Warsaw, Poland
  19. Berlin, Germany
  20. Oxford, UK

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