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Garmin adds cycling-specific map improvements in Edge update

Will Strickson
21 Jun 2021

Free update will make cycling-friendly routes easier to find and see, with ride type data helping to suggest the most relevant rides

Garmin has released a free software update for its Edge computers that makes cycling-friendly routes both easier to find and easier to see.

The company announced today that the new update, available for Edge 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030 and Edge 1030 Plus GPS bike computers, would add navigational enhancements as well as faster route calculations.

Once downloaded, riders will get cleaner high contrast maps that make cycle-friendly routes more visible in all light conditions, whether it's for road, gravel or mountain biking.

Garmin has used a Trendline popularity heatmap that takes billions of miles worth of uploaded ride data to show the routes most used by cyclists directly on your map.

It also takes into account, and automatically adjusts for, ride type so what you see is tailored to you and your ride, whichever surface you choose to take on.

Finally, route calculation has been sped up by caching routes once they've been calculated, so the next time you want to use them they're immediately ready to go.

Edge computers can be automatically updated by connecting to Wi-Fi or by using Garmin Express, which the brand encourages its customers to utilise for the most up-to-date popularity routing data.

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