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SunGod launches Airas frameless sunglasses

22 Jun 2021

British eyewear brand releases its latest performance cycling sunglasses that are frameless and lightweight

British eyewear brand SunGod has launched the Airas, its latest performance cycling sunglasses that are frameless and said to be lightweight and durable despite offering great optical clarity.

Started as a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, the company now sponsors British Continental teams Canyon Dhb SunGod and Ribble-Weldtite and the Airas are the latest addition to its performance-led Pace Series range.

CEO and Founder Ali Watkiss said, 'Following the launch of the Pace series last year, we've worked hard to continually offer cyclists a product to help them stand out from the crowd – and the frameless, cylindrical coverage of the Airas is a style we're incredibly excited about.'

Yesterday my life was filled with rain

The Airas use a new 2mm 8KO cylindrical lens that uses a nylon-based material that SunGod says delivers a higher optical clarity score than rivals Oakley and 100%.

To enable them to go fully frameless, the brand says it has used a lens shape that enhances strength in key spots so the rider gets uninterrupted vision but not flimsy-feeling glasses.

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SunGod says they're also built with an anti-fog inner lens coating, hydrophobic lens treatment and triple layer scratch resistant protection to maximise visibility in all conditions.

The glasses come in at a claimed 27g and use 'Grip-lock' hydrophilic rubber ear socks and nose pads to provide a secure fit.

The bottom line

SunGod's sunglasses are fully customisable at no extra cost, so you can choose the colour of your lens, ear socks, logos and bottom frame.

That's right, bottom frame. The Airas are available with a bottom frame if you don't fancy going fully frameless. For a small £25 premium you can get a conversion kit so you can switch between no frame and bottom frame whenever you like.

There are eight lens tints to choose from as well as two 8KO Iris photochromic lenses – that will set you back another £40 – for an all-day, all-year, all-conditions solution.

SunGod offers a lifetime guarantee too, so if you do break your glasses, you can get them fixed for free.

For more information and to buy a pair visit

SunGod Airas Zero Frame £130
SunGod Airas Bottom Frame £155
SunGod Airas + BF Conversion Kit £175
SunGod Airas with Photochromic 8KO Iris Lens £170
From £130

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