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Thomas reveals his favourite body lotion but little else ahead of Tour de France

Cyclist magazine
24 Jun 2021

Geraint Thomas looks ahead to the upcoming Tour de France

Ahead of the 2021 Tour de France, which starts on Saturday, Geraint Thomas answers questions about the race itself, his preparation for it and what approach the Ineos Grenadiers might take with three Grand Tour winners in their line-up.

He's also a big fan of body lotion for recovery

Cyclist: Is sharing leadership duties with Tao Geoghegan-Hart, Richie Porte and Richard Carapaz easier than or different to how it was with Chris Froome and Egan Bernal?

Geraint Thomas: I don’t really know yet because I haven’t done it, but I think it can work well. I think the hardest bit with these three compared to the other two is just the language barrier. The communication is a bit more of a challenge but it’s something we’ve been working on all season – so I think it would work really well.

Cyc: You will be racing the Tour with four potential winners, but who will be the leading voice among the team? Does having so many potential leaders make racing as a team complicated?

GT: It doesn’t make it too complicated because we’ll have a bit of a pecking order anyway, it’s not like we’ve got four guys who are being protected by everyone. I think it just gives us a few more cards to play. I think when you get in those finals it's just communicating amongst ourselves that is the most important thing.

Cyc: This is arguably the first Tour that Sky/Ineos will race since 2011 where they are not the bookies’ favourites. Does that take any pressure off?

GT: To be honest I don’t feel any more or less pressure than normal. It's just the pressure of trying to get to the race as best as you can, then when you get there you do everything you can to perform at your best. You control what you can control and the rest takes care of itself.

We’re not allowed to bet, and I wouldn’t bet anyway, but old favourites and all that type of jazz – I don’t pay any attention to that anyway.

Cyc: What kind of form are you in at present? What are your tips and tricks for performing and recovering at such a high level?

GT: I'm feeling pretty good, I think, after a decent, more traditional buildup to the year with no races cancelled – a bit more of that normal buildup which is a bit different for me compared to the past year. I think it's going well so far – hopefully just keep that going.

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Cyc: What's more important – hitting the right power numbers or having the right experience?

GT: I think it’s a mixture of both really – obviously, you want good power numbers for yourself, and I wouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Experience plays a big part as well, just knowing how to race and using that power at the right time.

Cyc: What's the trick to defeating Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic? Other than them, who do you see as the main threats at the Tour?

GT: The trick to beating them is not getting hung up on them: just racing the race and not being fixated on those two guys, there's a lot of other strong teams. There’s a lot of depth across other teams these days that will make it an exciting race.

Cyc: Which stage will be the decider at the Tour?

GT: There’s not really one that stands out, but, I guess the final TT – it might come down to that. But, there’s 19 days of racing before that, so a lot could happen. When it comes to a Grand Tour, there’s not one day that can pinpoint the decider.

Cyc: Who do you predict will take top three places on GC at this Tour, and the green jersey?

GT: I don’t really want to predict the top three – as long as one of us is up there.

Cyc: Beyond the Tour, what targets do you have? What gaps on your palmares need filling?

GT: The Olympics are a big goal – we’re heading straight there after the Tour.

Cyc: Would you hand back your Tour de France title if it meant Wales winning a Rugby World Cup?

GT: No, not at all. I’d much rather win the Tour. Selfish maybe, but that’s the way it is!