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DT Swiss releases new ARC rim brake wheels

9 Jul 2021

Originally just for disc brakes, this generation of the Arc aero wheels has been rebuilt for the traditionalists

DT Swiss has released rim brake versions of the latest generation of its ARC aero wheels.

Having launched the disc brake models last year, the Swiss components manufacturer has reworked the design to provide aerodynamic wheels for those that continue to swear by rim brakes.

When those disc wheels came out in August, Cyclist wrote that by going disc-only DT Swiss had the opportunity to completely update the ARC rims and better balance conflicting attributes such as weight and width.

Now though, the brand has overhauled its rim brake wheel design with a change in rim and spoke shapes as well as new hubs.

A big plus

DT Swiss works alongside aerodynamic specialist Swiss Side, who works with multiple cycling brands as well as in F1, to help refine its wheel design and minimise drag.

Swiss Side has, in this case, aided in developing the new rim shape to minimise drag and improving aero stability. A hooked rim construction allows for a wide choice of tyres and the wheel is available in rim depths of 48mm, 62mm and 80mm. 

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Brought over from the disc model are the aerodynamically refined DT aerolite II and DT aero comp II spokes that are said to be up to 28% thinner frontally and 39% deeper respectively than their predecessors.

The 180 Dicut hubs in the more premium 1100 series wheel and the 240 Dicut hubs in the 240 series have been updated to fit and align the new aero spokes as well as possible to allow for the brand's two-in-one spoke hole design on the driveside of the rear hub flange.

DT Swiss is also bringing over its Ratchet EXP freehub system, with 36T ratchets, to one of its rim brake wheelsets for the first time. The design promises easy maintenance, lighter weight and increase hub stiffness with 36T ratchets providing precise engagement.

Having put the new wheels through wind-tunnel testing in Immenstaad, Germany, DT Swiss says that the new 62mm front wheels have a weighted gain – meaning they take into account the frequency different yaw angles – of 0.5 watts at 45kmh compared to the previous iteration.

Models, specs and pricing

There are six models of the ARC rim brake wheelsets, all tubeless ready, with 80mm, 62mm and 48mm depth options at both the 1100 and 1400 levels.

The 1100 wheelsets are the pricier options at €2,389 – approx £2,044 with the 180 DICUT hubs, Ratchet EXP system, updated aero spokes and lightweight SINC ceramic bearings.

Shop the DT Swiss 1100 and 1400 DICUT rim brake wheels now on Freewheel

The 1400 meanwhile have 240 DICUT hubs with the Ratchet EXP technology but have steel bearings and DT aero comp spokes to bring the price down to €1,957 (approx £1,674).

Inner rim width 17mm 17mm
Hub 180 DICUT, 36T Ratchet EXP, SINC ceramic bearings, Shimano Road 11SP Light S Rotor, front wheel axle: 5/100mm, rear wheel axle: 5/130mm 240 DICUT, 36T Ratchet EXP, steel ceramic bearings, Shimano Road 11SP Light Rotor, front wheel axle: 5/100mm, rear wheel axle: 5/130mm
Spokes DT aerolite II and DT aero comp II, t-head DT aero comp, t-head
Weight 80: 1,699g; 62: 1,589g; 48: 1,519g 80: 1,738g; 62: 1,630g; 48: 1,573g
Price €1,957 (approx £1,674) €2,389 (approx £2,044)

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1400: €1,957 (approx £1,674), 1100: €2,389 (approx £2,044)

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