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Bahrain Victorious hotel and bus searched by police

Will Strickson
15 Jul 2021

Police monitored Bahrain Victorious following Stage 17 and searched the team's hotel and bus until late last night amid doping suspicions

Bahrain Victorious's hotel and team bus were searched by French police last night, the team have confirmed, allegedly amid doping suspicions.

Initially reported by Reuters sports correspondent Julien Prétot, who claimed a source had told him police have been looking into the team since last year, Bahrain Victorious later confirmed that a search of riders' rooms was carried out following Stage 17.

Vladimir Miholjević, Bahrain Victorious sports director, said, 'Following Stage 17, we were greeted by several French police offers. We were not given a warrant to read through, but the team complied with all the officers' requests.

'We are committed to the highest level of professionalism and adherence to all regulatory requirements and will always be cooperating in a professional manner. The process had impacted our riders recovery and meal planning and as a professional team, the well being of our team is a key priority.'

Speaking before today's stage, sprinter Sonny Colbrelli said, 'They searched all the rooms, the gendarmes were good, just doing their job. They put everything back the way they found it in an orderly fashion.

'We're good, a bit nervous because these aren't great things for cycling because these are the last days of the Tour, yesterday was a hard stage and we could not sleep until 2:30-3:00, and then this morning we were up early again.'

The statement from the team claimed that they weren't aware of the reasons for the investigation but they were required to provide training files to officers, though Prétot reported that a preliminary investigation into doping allegations has been opened.

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