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FFWD releases RYOT77 aero wheels

16 Jul 2021

With a 77mm deep rim, Dutch specialist FFWD's new RYOT77 wheels are equally fit for TTs, triathlons or fast, flat road riding.

Dutch wheel specialist FFWD has released the RYOT77 aero wheels fit for TTs, fast flat roads and triathlons.

Building upon the success of the RYOT44 and RYOT55 carbon wheels that utilise its LAW Tech rims, FFWD says it knew there was a demand for a deeper rim and set out to create a wheelset that was both high-performing and versatile.

Optimised for 25mm and 28mm tyres, the Law Tech rim – with LAW standing for Laminar Airflow Wing – has been developed through computer modelling and wind-tunnel testing to provide the best aerodynamic performance with wider tyres.

Meanwhile the brand says that it landed upon the 77mm rim depth as it appeared to be 'the best in the balance in overall performance between aerodynamics, balance and ability to use no matter your body height or weight' and also ranks the wheel's stiffness among the top of its entire range.

FFWD also claims the RYOT77 is a step ahead of its competitors, putting it in the same bracket as the Zipp 808 Firecrest, Enve SES 7.8 and DT Swiss ARC 1400DB 80 with the 77 being the cheapest, with the biggest internal rim width at 21mm and coming in lighter than both Zipp and DT Swiss options at a claimed 1,740g.

Those stats are gathered with the more premium hub option though, with the DT240 EXP hub taking the price up to £1,749.99 – £275 more than if you opt for the FFWD Two/One hub.

There is a choice in tyres too as the RYOT77s are tubeless ready and inner tube friendly – no tubulars allowed – but you don't get a choice on brakes as the RYOT77 are disc brake only.

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From £1,474.99

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