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Spoke Storm Denim jeans review

27 Jul 2021

Comfortable jeans for short urban commutes. Photos supplied by Spoke

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable to ride in • Reinforced saddle contact area • Rapha-style high-vis strip inside turn up
Not very breathable for longer or hilly commutes • Quite an investment

Being able to comfortably ride short distances in normal clothes is always a good thing and something that we could all probably do more of to reduce the number of car journeys undertaken on British roads.

It’s not always practical or desirable to get into full cycling kit just to pop to the shops but you also don’t want to wear through the crotch of your normal jeans or have them stick to your legs thanks to an unexpected rain shower.

It’s into this niche that the Spoke Storm Denim jeans are aimed.


Water-repellent coating

Spoke says the jeans are ‘coated in space-age, water-repellent nano-tech, to shrug off a passing shower’. For once, I think this might actually be talking down a product’s resistance to moisture.

Yes, in prolonged rain or with consistent road spray water will reach your legs, but ‘shrug off’, to me at least, sounds a bit conservative and the denim’s surface is quite hydrophobic under low pressure.

However, perhaps this description is just to tame expectations of a product called ‘Storm’ as they will definitely be soaked through should you try and ride in one.

It may be due to the water-resistant treatment or just a feature of denim, but the jeans can feel a bit sweaty if your journey requires a slog uphill or pushing on to make an appointment you’ve set off late for.


Cycling-specific features

Visually, there aren’t really any clues that these are anything more than just a normal pair of jeans, but on closer inspection there are some features that make them better suited to wearing them on a bike.

There’s the water repellency I’ve already mentioned, then there’s the crotch area which is stitched differently to my other jeans and looks to have made it better suited to the friction of being in contact with a saddle.

On the back, there’s a loop for your mini-D lock should you want to look full hipster and the inside bottom of the legs carries a reflective strip, as seen on some Rapha products, that is visible to car headlines when turned up.

These extras are very welcome and really move the jeans from any old trousers to a piece of clothing that would do most people well for short urban rides.


At £145 these jeans are quite the investment and I’m not entirely convinced they justify it.

The jeans are comfortable, the cycling-specific features are welcome and overall it’s difficult to really pinpoint any major faults, but that is a lot of money for a pair of trousers.


Spoke’s website has a handy ‘fit finder’ which asks a series of questions about your body type to determine your size.

This is handy and quite clever, but not flawless. Mine came out as ‘type A – narrow thighs’ which is not at all how I’d describe my legs. As such, I overruled its findings and went with ‘type B – regular thighs’.

This paid off as the first time putting them on was a bit of an effort, but they loosened up after a little while and are now spot on.

I would suggest using the fit finder but then cross referencing with a look at your actual legs before committing to a size.



These are decent jeans with some welcome cycling-specific features, but they are at the pricier end of the scale and might leave you a bit clammy if your errands require you to ride back up from sea level.

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