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Adidas releases set of 3D printed cycling sunglasses

Joe Robinson
30 Jul 2021

New shades from Adidas weigh 20g, are 3D printed and cost £300

The magical world of 3D printing is no stranger to the world of cycling, with the costly manufacturing process having been used for computer mounts and time-trial cockpits for quite some time. 

Now the additive manufacturing technique has trickled into the realm of clothing and accessories with the release of Adidas' 3D CMPT sunglasses.

Continuing its recent return to prominence push to the world of cycling, Adidas' new shades feature a one-piece meshed frame with non-foldable arms created from a flexible nylon compound that has been treated with a rubberised coating throughout. Non-slip rubber has been fixed to the nose bridge and arm tips too. As for the lens, Adidas has used a plasstic brown lens with mirror shielf finish. 

The big benefit of using 3D printing is weight, with the complete set coming in at just 20 grams. 

Why are Adidas making 3D printed cycling sunglasses? Well it says doing so 'opens a new dialogue with professional athletes and creates a new opportunity for innovative trailblazers', one that is 'characterised by an ongoing search for high-performance lines and materials'.

Now if a set of sunglasses that make you look like a welder is your thing and you're interested in getting yourself a pair, unfortunately, you're fresh out of luck. Adidas has limited production to 150 units, which will be released on 23rd August to members of the brand's 'Creative Club' only.

Last thing, cost. If you were going to get yourself a set of these shades you would need to shell out no less than £300.

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